Scurry & Gate Jumping: Competitor information

The annual Scurry of East Sussex is held over approximately two miles of hedges and timber across well-drained seasoned turf. The winner of the Parker Challenge Cup will be the fastest horse and rider to complete the course, carrying a minimum weight of 12 stones. 


  • The Winner – will be the fastest horse and jockey over the finish line carrying a minimum weight of 12 stones – he or she will receive prizes and be awarded the Parker Challenge Cup.
  • First Heavyweight – will be the fastest horse and jockey over the finish line carrying a minimum weight of 14 stones 7lbs – he or she will be awarded the Arthur Memorial Cup.
  • First Lady Rider (completing side saddle or otherwise) will receive the Scurry Salver.
  • First Scurry Virgin
  • First Young Rider (under 21 years)
  • First Veteran Rider (50 years and over)
  • First Non-thoroughbred
  • First non-subscribing Adjacent Hunt rider – will win a half subscription to ESRM
  • First rider to complete from out of the South East Area will win a four person day hunting jamboree with the ESRM.

Well coveted ESRM will be awarded to the first 6 finishers and rosettes will be given to all those completing the course.


Please be aware there are new rules this year, to bring us in line with other hunt rides across the country.

  • To compete to win, riders must carry a minimum of 12 stone.
  • Riders may carry as light a weight as they wish, however in the event that they finish in the first four they will forfeit their place to those riders carrying the minimum weight (12st).
  • Riders riding in the Heavy Weight division should carry 14 stone 7lbs.
  • Riding weight to be stated on the entry form and confirmed at time of declaration.
  • There is no requirement to weigh out – scales will be available if required. It is the jockey’s responsibility to ride at the weight at which he/she has declared. It is the responsibility of those Riders who believe they qualify for a prize to WEIGH IN!
  • Minimum age of rider 16 years. Horses and riders must deemed fit and experienced enough to compete by the organisers.
  • BSI approved crash hats and body protectors must be worn.
  • Competitors must hold current Third Party Insurance (CA, BHS or equivalent).
  • Colours must be worn and declared on the entry form.
  • £10.00 Deposit for number cloths to be collected from the secretary
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry.
  • Riders taking the wrong course or failing to complete the course must report back to the secretary immediately.
  • Entry form must be completed in full, being signed by the competitor acknowledging participation is at owner’s/rider’s own risk and accompanied by correct entry fee before the closing date.
  • The Judges’ decision is final.

The Gatejumpers Challenge

The Gatejumpers Challenge will be run as a Chase-me-Charlie. The aim of the competition is to jump the gate without knocking it down, the winner will be the person to jump the highest. There will also be prizes for first young rider (under 21 years old) and first veteran (over 50 years). The gate will start at 3ft.

Online entries are £30 and entries on the day will be £40.

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